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A Recognized Innovator

As a Remark OMR software partner, Spectrum has helped government agencies, educators and the military to meet many data collection requirements.


As an example, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently implemented a human resource shared service initiative.  As part of this effort the HR department now provides pre-employment and promotion exam services for multiple agencies. The consolidated work required a more efficient process to; collect data from answer forms, score exams, provide a complete statistical analysis, upload results to the existing PeopleSoft database and archive completed forms.


Spectrum Business Solutions was selected to implement a new flexible approach using Remark Software that allowed older proprietary data collection systems to be retired and to help combine exam operations. The Spectrum solution also allowed the HR group to offer new capabilities including custom forms, surveys, faster turnaround and more robust analytics.


Spectrum Receives Top Honor From Remark

Nursing Educators Save Time & Money


When the Nursing program at Goodwin College needed a simple and fast test score and analysis solution for their faculty the department selected Spectrum.


The requirements were clear:


  • There is no budget for a dedicated optical mark recognition scanner or expensive pre-printed forms.

  • Eliminate delays, faculty need immediate scores and analysis for timely feedback to the students and to inform instruction.

  • Test questions with more than one answer need to be supported.

  • A complete item analysis is needed to help nurse educators develop better tests.

  • A test image included with each student’s grade report would be helpful for easy archiving and referral.


These needs were met with a simple to use and afforable solution by Spectrum. Test answer forms are now printed on plain copy paper, as many as are needed when they are needed. Completed forms are scanned with a desktop scanner and robust reports are generated automatically.


The department is now using the solution to also process clinical, lecture and lab surveys.

Course Evaluations Low Cost & Great Response Rate


Many colleges have struggled with low response rates after implementing on-line course evaluations. The approach is low cost compared to the old paper based survey process, but all too often the responses are so limited valid statistics cannot be obtained.

Before moving to on-line surveys, Quinebaug Valley Community College had paid more than $35,000 per year for paper survey forms and off-site processing services. Although the response rates were high so was the cost and the turn-around time was painfully long.

Now the college has developed a new course evaluation survey process. Simple and fast, the new approach has dramatically increased the number of respondents, providing accurate analysis, meaningful real-time feedback and at a fraction of the old paper survey cost.

Fujitsu Xi-500 scanner workstation
High School Teachers Get A Simple Data Tool


PC based Remark software, integrated with a document scanner or a multifunctional device, provides each academic department at Bridgeport High Schools with an easy way to collect and analyze data from plain paper forms.


Innovative and flexible, the approach provides a cost effective set of tools for formative or summative assessments.


How it works:

Test answer forms, survey questionnaires or a combination of both, can be designed using popular software such as Microsoft Word ®.


Each department prints forms on-demand.  Once completed, the assessment answer sheets are scanned using a desktop document scanner or multifunctional scanner (scan and print).


Software then analyzes the data and places a series of reports in a folder on the PC Desktop. With overall scores, scored strands and an item analysis teachers can provide immediate feedback to students and inform class instruction.


Plain Paper Test Form

Print On-Demand

Plain Paper Test Bubble Fomr

"It's the best decision we ever made" Exam Unit Manager, New York City Transit.  The NYCT Human Resource department conducts thousands of exams per year to help match skills with job requirements. The agency selected Spectrum to replace a very old proprietary exam scanning system with an open, flexible and cost effective solution.



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