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Personalize With Word Merge

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) - Business Service Center needed a way to better organize exam sessions for employment candidates from three northeastern states.  With so many exams and sessions the department had to find a way to more efficiently handle forms and further automate processing.


Spectrum helped the agency design a new form that is personalized and barcoded using Microsoft Word and the built-in merge feature.  The more exact forms made the examination process easier to administer and helped automate processing.

Forms Design


The days when you were forced to purchase static, pre-printed, proprietary and very expensive forms are over.  Now using the laser printer or multifunctional copier you already own will do just fine. Print as many forms as you need, when you need them, on plain paper.  


In addition, common software such as Micrsoft Word can be used to design your test answer sheet or survey questionnaire.  Last minute changes are easy, giving you the flexibility to incorporate all of the best data collection ideas.

Smart Device Scanning Stand

Image quality, document alignment and speed are all critical factors when scanning multiple forms to collect data.


Spectrum has created ScanJig - a scanning stand that turns smart devices into fast, accurate document scanners for optical character recognition (OCR)  and optical mark recognition (OMR).


With the help of a scanning stand distributed capture solution can be implemented using existing phones or tablets. Great for knowledge workers in the field or at a home office.

Needs Analysis & Integration

The first goal is to obtain a good understanding of the customers data collection requirements, staff, existing scanner hardware, printers and software.


What elements of the older system, if any, can be saved?


Then the solution emerges.


It comes together using the readily available and familiar pieces in the customer's environment. The benefits; a shorter learning curve, much lower cost and fast implementation.

End User Training & Guides



Spectrum has over thirty years of document scanning and data collection experience. We offer one of the broadest ranges of support services for Remark OMR software available today. Professional services are tailored to meet our client's specific needs and include:

  • Basic and Advanced on-site training sessions designed to fit busy schedules and are tailored for each account

  • Installation

  • Unwind vendor lock-in situations

  • Consulting and training

  • On-site software support and Help Desk support

  • Bundle scanner hardware and maintenance when needed

  • Solution documentation

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