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Data Collection & Analysis


Remark Optical Mark Recognition Software

  • Installation

  • Training      

  • Consulting



Transform Your Existing Document Scanner or Mobile Device Into A Data Collection Tool


We leverage our clients existing investment in document scanners, smart tablets and phones by enabling these devices to scan test answer forms or survey questionnaires. Remark Office OMR software is used to collect data from the scanned images for immediate analysis and reporting.


Spectrum works with you to design generic or personalized response forms using Microsoft Word.  These data collection instruments are then laser printed on-demand, using plain copy paper, as many as you need when you need them.

Remark Office OMR Software Overview
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Spectrum is an authorized Remark Office OMR software reseller.  Remark is proven technology with over 80,000 installations worldwide.


We offer on-site services to lower cost by integrating Remark software with existing document scanners, your computers and printers. The result, simple and easy to use data collection solutions.




Products and services include:


  • Needs analysis/System integration


  • Forms design - Survey or Test


  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Software Installation


  • End user training


  • Documentation and user guides




Spectrum has a proven track record with many successful projects and satisfied customers in the following areas:


  • Classroom - formative and summative assessment solutions



  • Human Resources - Employment Exams

Spectrum Develops Scanning Stand For iOS & Android Devices


Improved Text Recognition and Conversion to Speech for the Visually Impaired


ScanJig Pro is a simple stand that holds your smart tablet or phone in the correct position for fast, precisely aligned scans of test answer forms, documents, receipts and business cards. Works with any document scanner app and helps turn your tablet or phone into a productive, high quality, document scanner. Accurately recognize text and marks with your smart device.


ScanJig holds smart devices at the correct distance as you use KNFB Reader, Prizmo, Text Grabber, and other popular OCR apps, to scan a document. The accessory provides easy tactile positioning of both the device and document.











A Review of the new ScanJig Pro scanning stand


What customers are saying about the new ScanJig Pro


"I like to support people who take the time to make a quality product and actually listen to their customers." Richard Turner, Oregon Commission for the Blind.


"This is a really great and useful tool and I am definitely going to be using it a lot.  Again,  many thanks for this." Kay Malmquist, KNFB Reader user.


The ScanJig - "takes a lot of the frustration out of reading". Carla Rushival - ACB Radio


"The support is great and it is makes scanning with my phone way easier." Maureen Quintanar, Real Estate professional Los Angeles


"The beauty of the ScanJig is that it can hold anything from a smart phone to a tablet."  Visually impaired users


"It works perfectly with both the KNFB Reader and Text Grabber" - "I couldn't be happier with it.  Thanks for developing such a useful item." Denis Nelson, Moultrie, GA

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